Fibro Pain Art

FIbro Pain Art was born in a pain management waiting room.  I had given up drawing and painting a few years prior as it was too painful to hold pens, pencils, and brushes.  I remember wishing that I had something to show the doctor that would explain exactly how I felt so I decided to try using my Sketcher app.  With only one finger, painlessly, I created my first piece and made the invisible visible.

The goal of Fibro Pain Art is to both spread awareness about Fibromyalgia and other invisible chronic pain conditions as well as to bond with and support others who are suffering along with me.

Most recently a piece of my art was used as the cover for the wonderful book Loving Those With Fibro by Michael R. Holien.  It is available on Amazon.

You can see my entire collection on Facebook at

You can purchase items at


11 thoughts on “Fibro Pain Art”

  1. I would like to include a link to this page on my blog. I hope that’s OK with you? I would like to spread the word about what you’re doing here.

  2. When I saw your work I was speechless, you have capture the core of fibromyalgia pain perfectly. Great work. Love it. Now when people ask me how it feels like, I just show them a picture of your work.

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