About Me

imageMy name is Stacy Michelle Ihlenfeld, or smihlenfeld.  My friend saw “smihlen” (smilin’) in there and suggested I name my blog Still Smihlen. Thank you, Rita, for seeing something I never saw.

If I had to sum it up, I’d say I’m just your average 36 year old singer-songwriter from Milwaukee, kickin’ a little butt on the autism front, fightin’ fibro like a mofo, and being the most awesome single-robot-ninja-mom to the most amazing little boy on the planet while simultaneously tripping to my own beat.  I’m also an artist and a writer.

If you like that summary, you will love this blog.

Other things you might find on this blog that may not be reflected in the above description: soul searching, a bit of lamenting, occasional mini tantrums and wtf moments, hilarious stuff my son says (usually involves zombies/vampires, rock n roll, or Adventure Time), hilarious stuff I do, attempts at understanding and applying Buddhist teachings… but mainly what you will find here is just truth – my truth.

Within that truth is some sadness and struggle, but never self pity. I am still grieving the recent and untimely death of my mother. I am currently learning how to reassess my own self worth now that I no longer have the one thing I always identified myself with, my career, and how to deal with being 36 and “disabled”. I’m also navigating the whole single mom dating scene, which, if you’re curious, looks an awful lot like me sitting at home surfing through dating site profiles, sighing, and then happily surrendering to watching Adventure Time or a vampire/zombie movie with my son as the dishes overflow and the cats piss me off.

There are certain issues and topics that I always cover or at least always seem to be in the background of everything I do. Fibro(myalgia) is something I battle daily and am quite an expert on because, well, I’ve had it since I was 12. You’re going to hear about it. Autism is another thing I know so much about because it has been my career for about 16 years. You’re probably going to hear a bit about it, too. My music and the music of the supremely talented people around me is another favorite topic of mine, and hopefully you will enjoy the links and videos as much as I do. Of course, you can find more information about these three topics by clicking on their respective titles at the top of my blog.

If you really enjoy yourself here, please let me know. I love comments and likes and tweets, oh my! I do keep my personal Facebook relatively close-knit and private, but you can like my Facebook page Still Smihlen or follow me on Twitter under the same name. I hope to hear from you soon!

Until then, keep smihlen (:


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi. You sent my husband an email with a link to your blog with your pain art. I love it. Especially the picture of the woman sitting with her face in her lap. I think it is a perfect depiction of the pain and burning of Fibro. I have only had a diagnosis for a few years but it has rocked my world for sure. Between that and my Rheumatoid Arthritis I am in constant pain. I hardly ever go out anywhere. I am still learning to cope for sure. I struggle to keep up with my 4 children and my husband. Thankfully they love me anyway and they love me good. I don’t deserve them for sure. They are my everything. Thanks for putting into picture the pain that we try to get people to understand.

    1. Thank you April! I tried to find you/your post in the Fibro group, but it was buried so quickly. I had wanted to say thank you for sharing the link! I good more pepper read your husband’s words and learn how to love someone with Fibro. ❤

  2. Hey Stacey, keep rocking baby!! I found your page to be very informative, somewhat funny and a bit entertaining. Additionally, you are much like me in some ways and similar in others. I have been a long time musician (drums and percussion), screenwriter, poet, song writer and even though I have not been officially diagnosed with PTSD I am all but certain I have it (due to self-awareness, research, tests, therapy, symptoms etc). I love animals too. Got three dogs and a cat. Maybe we can be FB friends too. I am on LinkedIn as well. Cheers! Chris

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