Hear Me

– I host a weekly segment all about living with chronic illness called The Art of Recovery on Playtime with Sid and Bill . You can find it on AM 1590 WCGO every Sunday from 1pm – 3pm Central. Listen live on air if you are in the Milwaukee/Chicago area, online here, or live on the WCGO Facebook page.


– I also host my own 2 hour long podcast all about being chronically awesome called The Flare. You can listen online here or on any podcast app.


– You can also follow me on Facebook for daily ridiculousness and rawness (my specialties) about living with chronic illness.



– When I’m not talking about chronic illness, I am a musical badass.


In 2011 I wrote and recorded a song with The Hollowz (my brother Ed Cayce, and  his musical partner Logic). It won song of the year at the 88.9 Radio Milwaukee music awards, and I was lucky enough to perform it during their set at Summerfest in 2012. It was one of the most exciting moments in my life.

From The Hollowz album Dreams of Sex and Flying, please enjoy Parade.

While you are at it, get the  full album here: Dreams of Sex and Flying, The Hollowz

You can also hear me on backup in another amazing Hollowz song, Heist .




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