I Have This Picture…

I have this picture.

It’s a painting, really, and I don’t like it. It’s ugly and it doesn’t go with any of my décor. Sometimes I throw it in my closet for a few months but I always begin to feel guilty and hang it back up on the wall. I should throw it away, but I mean it’s a painting… and there’s no rips or tears…, it’s intact… and that’s something, right? I mean, if I throw it away I’ll have nothing. At least by keeping it I have something.

I could paint over it. I’m a pretty good artist. I’ve thought about the masterpieces I could create over that wretched thing. But what if I mess it up? What if I make it worse? I mean, at least now I know what I have, and it’s pretty awful, but I couldn’t stand to have something worse.

Yet it’s the perfect size to turn into something beautiful that I will be happy to see on my wall every day…

But what if I mess it all up?

I have this picture and it is what is going on in my life at this very moment.

The scariest times are just before you decide to pick up the brush. The second your hand touches the handle you are free – free to make a mess, free to create beauty, free to be. But before you decide… it is an eternity of self doubt and fear.

Choose to make a mess.


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