Big 5

The Big 5 Challenge | Where Are You From

Where am I from?


I am from eternal autumn wishes and crisp moonlight dreams, scented with lilacs and lily of the valley and smokey grills.

I am from cracked sidewalks and busy streets, broken glass bottles, bicycles and railroad tracks near open fields and factories. Cattail filled marshy land and geese overhead, scummy ponds and bountiful backyards with giant trees and sandboxes.

I’m from children running and dogs barking, friendly hellos and strange shouting voices. I’m from airplane drone and cicada song skies, early evening sirens and rumbling stereos, yet silently still afternoons.

I’m from the deep smells of yeast, fish, and smog, and of thunderstorms, heat, and snow. One way streets, skyscrapers, jay-walkers, city buses, run down apartments, and all the calm little routes along the calm little rows of homes.

I am from Milwaukee.

Where are YOU from?

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